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DCC Monthly Newsletter: March 2024

Hoping everyone’s March is off to a wonderful start! We’re sharing with you the sixth installment of the 2023-2024 DCC Monthly Newsletter.
Some highlights from the March 2024 issue include:
  • A message from our Director, Dr. Damien Pfister, announcing a new Capstone Award for Sustainability and Design!
  • Fall 2024 course offerings, Capstone Seed Grant winners, and more!
  • Information regarding Capstone Ideas Workshops, required for all first-year students.
  • Exciting upcoming StuCo community events (March Clover Hunt, Jeopardy Night, Chipotle fundraiser)!
  • A DCC Families contest update!
Thanks for keeping up with our community of amazing students. Click the button below to view and/or download a copy of this month’s newsletter!