DCC creates a small-college experience on a large research campus


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Take small seminars exploring how design can transform the digital age



Our students are competitive for amazing internships in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and across the country

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DCC students interact with our alumni network through workshops, Design Camps, and alumni networking events

What Makes DCC Unique

DCC is one of the most interdisciplinary programs in the country. We bring together students from 46 different majors on campus from a wide range of backgrounds. DCC fosters an open, collaborative, and social environment that encourages students to explore the relationship between emerging media, society, and creative practices.

We are passionate about emerging technologies and their impact on the world; but even more importantly, how our contributions to emerging technologies can change the world. DCC students are innovative thinkers and makers who engage in research and collaborative projects on topics as varied as identity, connectivity, social justice, art, design, and all things creative in an era when digital media links us on a scale unprecedented in human history.


Faculty and Staff

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Evan Golub

Core Faculty Member

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Graduate Assistant

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Associate Professor

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Faculty and Program Coordinator

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