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Design Cultures & Creativity seeks self-motivated, creative, independent thinkers and provides them with an intimate community of peers, alongside whom they can explore, innovate, and create. Each spring, DCC's staff meticulously review hundreds of applications to the program, seeking out students whose interests, activities, and values most closely align with the program's spirit of curiosity, creativity, justice, and service. Each year, we bring a new cohort of DCC students to campus, and they are always exceptionally talented, with interests as varied and diverse as our student population—representing 35 different academic majors from across campus.

We know that applying to college or university is a daunting, pressure-packed undertaking. For some, the added task of considering which Honors College living-learning program is right for you can make the process even more stressful. For others, finding the right program means that everything falls perfectly into place. No matter your situation, we're here to help!

Not sure if DCC is right for you?

Each year, DCC admits approximately 60-70 high-achieving, first-year University of Maryland Honors College students to join the program. While each of the students have very individualized experiences, many students share similar traits.

To determine whether DCC may be a great fit for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I meaningfully invested in both arts (of any/all kinds) and technology? Do I seriously value the roles that both arts and technology play in human life? Am I interested in exploring how the two collide and are intertwined?
  • Am I self-motivated? Am I able to identify a task or project that is important to me, seek out relevant resources, and make it happen? 
  • Do I take initiative? Do I seek out opportunities to create, connect, and learn without necessarily being prompted or directed to do so?
  • Am I an independent thinker? Do I like to gather credible information to make important decisions for myself?
  • Am I a well-rounded person, energized by a broad range of interests and activities? 
  • Am I creative person? Does my record of classes and activities clearly demonstrate that I make an active effort to carve out space in my life to create?
  • Do I like collaborating with other people? Do I like hearing others' opinions and ideas and incorporating constructive feedback?
  • Do I enjoy connecting with others—even if my version of "being social" might be unexpected or non-traditional?
  • Am I eager to take an active role in building the life, community, and educational experience I desire?
  • Am I open-minded—to new experiences, as well as new people/communities? Am I excited by the prospect of exploring new things, even if they don't immediately/inherently align with my existing interests? Am I interested in connecting meaningfully with people who are or seem different from me? 
  • Do I like to experiment? Am I excited by the notion of trial-and-error? Do I believe that there is a lesson in every "failure"?
  • Am I invested in myself beyond my academic major/professional goals? Do I want to make time for my non-academic self throughout college?
  • Do I care about others? Do I want to dedicate time and energy to improving the lives of people around me, or communities I belong to?
  • Do I believe that the world can be a better place, and that I have a meaningful role to play in improving it? Am I ready to actively make this world better?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, DCC is likely a great fit for you!


First-year applicants to the University of Maryland who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and promise are automatically considered for admission to the Honors College—and to DCC—when they apply by the preferred November 1 deadline. There is no separate addendum or special application at that time.

Once a student is admitted to the Honors College, they are invited to research and list, in order of their preference, the different Honors College living-learning programs (LLPs). Based on those preferences, and each program's thorough review of students' applications, students are then invited to join a living-learning program. 


As you consider your options for university and/or Honors College programs, it may be helpful to talk directly with someone. DCC's staff are available to answer your questions via email, phone, or virtual meeting.