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DCC’s First Creative-in-Residence Showcase

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DCC’s first Creative-in-Residence showcase, which took place on April 30, 2024, was covered by Kate Spanos, the Assistant Director of Communications at the UMD Honors College. Read the full article and view photos from the event here!

DCC breaks into new dimension with ‘Flatland,’ a collaborative film created by program’s first Creative-in-Residence

“A small blue hexagon cocks its head, coyly signaling to its friends, a purple diamond and a green triangle, to follow. They race off through a two-dimensional grid of obstacles, chased by a fury of small gray star-shaped guards, all on a soundscape of jazz rhythms that propel them forward. In a cloud of relief, they break into a three-dimensional world and look perplexed by their newfound freedom. Finally, one of them, the purple diamond, drops back into its rightful place in the grid with a satisfying *clink*, while its two friends look on from above, floating in an uncertain limbo as if to ask: “What’s next?”” Continue reading