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DCC Monthly Newsletter: October

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On this autumnal Monday, DCC is delighted to share the second installment of the 2022-2023 DCC Monthly Newsletter!

Some highlights from the October issue:

  • Ongoing reminders re: DCC's masking guidance
  • Updates re: DCC Spring 2023 course offerings
  • An invitation to the 2022 Capstone Awards (RSVPs requested!), honoring Sam Collins, Elyas Masrour, Corinne Martin, Madison Mohan, Emily Sheridan, and Eileen Wang of the Lambda class
  • An announcement about new private Sound Studio time!
  • Event details for Pumpkin Painting Night, two TeachMe Thursday workshops, and a very StuCo Halloween celebration
  • An update on the DCC First Family contest, with current rankings for all 10 families
  • A lovely Nu class photo

Click the button below to download your electronic copy of the newsletter. Thank you for staying connected with DCC!