The goal of the Student Council is to arrange fun events and promote community within the DCC group. We are looking forward to the the upcoming semester and the 2017-2018 academic year. If you have any questions send them an email at

Catherine Lau
Hi I’m Catherine , a sophomore computer science major here at the University of Maryland. When I’m not in my room stressing about homework or dealing with that stress by indulging on flaming hot Cheetos, I like to spend my free time chilling with friends, spending too much money shopping online, taking pictures, exploring the city, and sometimes going to the gym! I also love being active in the community and I try to volunteer for different local organizations. As a member of the student council, I strive to help create the community that DCC is so well-known for. DCC has become my second family and I hope to try to foster the same sense of community, support and pride to others.

Astha Singhal
Hello hello! I’m Astha, a sophomore Computer Science major in UMD. If I happen to not be riddled with stress, you may find me hammocking, memeing and scheming with friends, or reading. I am also known to play the guitar badly, but let’s keep that between us. I love to sit on the edges of cliffs to stare into the distance, and my dream is to one day work in Augmented or Virtual Reality. I’m extremely excited to push my boundaries this coming year to best serve the DCC community, and endeavor to give back to this wonderful community as much as it has given me! Cheers!

Julian Avenilla
Hi there, I’m Julian, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Japanese. Apart from learning about Japanese culture and language, I spend my free time watching YouTube videos, playing guitar, working out, taking photos, and making goofy things with various Adobe programs. DCC has allowed me to cultivate these interests, and I hope to do them all with other DCC students. If you want to find me, I’ll usually be in either my room or the third floor study lounge.

Osajele Ikheloa
Hello! I’m a sophomore Computer Engineering major who finally decided to use the keyboard for something other than coding! xD. Just kidding… When I’m not chillin’ in the study lounge (or should I say heatin’ because there’s nothing chill about studying) you can usually find me on McKeldin mall looking at the clouds or on the DCC lab floor looking at the clouds (on Oculus rift VR). Aside from my personal life, as a student council member I am a big believer in the mantra that a community’s biggest investment should be its own people. That’s why I stress for building bonds with every member in DCC through community events such as our very own DCC Dance. DCC is my family and if you need anything (support, advice, or just a friend to talk to) I’ll always be around for a helping hand.

Albert Wang
Hi! I’m a sophomore computer science and math major. Here are some more fun facts about me. I like cooking and exploring. One time I made a dumpling inside of a dumpling. Another time I snuck onto the roof of Trump hotel. Another time I made tea eggs but replaced the tea with Coke. Another time I went scuba diving. I’m looking forward to a great year with DCC!
P.S. I’ve never been scuba diving