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The DCC Creative-in-Residence (CIR) program is an opportunity for DCC's most accomplished and engaged student leaders to extend their experiences in creative making, original research/publication, and mentoring, while making the most of the resources and community support that DCC has to offer. Designed for DCC alums who have advanced to their junior or senior year of study at the University of Maryland, the CIR program holds space for one student per academic year to pursue an extended creative project of their choosing. They are further invited to:

  • Make regular use of DCC's resources—such as faculty contacts, audiovisual equipment, and computing technology—to nurture their craft or skill
  • Command a regular presence in DCC facilities, such as the DCC Makerspace and/or Sound Studio
  • Work in collaboration with current students
  • Provide hands-on skills instruction and mentorship to the DCC community, via workshops and open working hours
  • Work alongside DCC's core staff to contribute to the program's overall vision and engagement with students
  • Share their work with DCC and the broader campus community in a celebratory showcase at the end of the academic year

Beginning Spring 2024, DCC will solicit competitive applications for the Creative-in-Residence position each spring, in order to select the best candidate for the following academic year. To offer some amendment to the systematic underfunding of artists and creatives around the globe, this role will be compensated as an hourly staff position.

Are you a current DCC student or alum interested in applying for the Creative-in-Residence program? Contact the DCC Director or Associate Director today to begin discussions about crafting a strong application and proposal!