Jessica Lu

Jessica Lu

Associate Director

Jessica H. Lu is the Associate Director of Design Cultures & Creativity (DCC). Having earned both her Ph.D. in Communication and Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from the University of Maryland, she has had the distinct pleasure of teaching undergraduates in College Park since 2011.

Trained as a rhetorical critic, she is concerned with how we can practice greater care for past, present, and future humans—especially those whose lives are shaped by precarity and state-sanctioned violence—in the ways we use language to create, design, and destroy our worlds. She examines, in particular, the ideas and rhetorical practices that form, advance, and disrupt racist logics in public and political discourse in the United States.

Jessica’s work and teaching is further positioned at the intersections of African American rhetorical history, archives, and digital humanities. As a former Postdoctoral Associate and, later, Assistant Director of the first African American History, Culture, & Digital Humanities Initiative (AADHum) team at the University of Maryland, she has provided mentorship and instruction in digital skills (including scholarly text encoding, critical cartography, network analysis, data modeling, feminist design, and data visualization) to graduate students, faculty, and community activists.

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