Jarah Moesch

Jarah Moesch

Faculty and Program Coordinator

Jarah Moesch is an artist-scholar whose work explores issues of justice through the design, production, and acquisition of embodied knowledges, and then builds new possibilities, from physical modeling and prototyping, to policies for designing different worlds.

Jarah’s artwork has been shown across the United States as well as internationally in festivals and exhibitions. Jarah holds an MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College, and a PhD in American Studies from University of Maryland.

Jarah is a Fellow for Building Healthcare Collectives, a collaboration between Michigan State University & Ohio State University, and a Remote Member of the Critical Design Lab at
 Vanderbilt University.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
HDCC 209: Capstone 16 weeks January 28, 2019

Design Cultures & Creativity

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