HDCC 208B: Digital Storytelling

August 25, 2018
16 Weeks


Porter Olsen


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Sophomore Course

Novelist Salman Rushdie is fond of saying that humans are a storytelling animal, and that the society we live in is largely determined by the ways in which we understand, articulate, and change those stories. This course considers the significance and range of digital storytelling by first exploring how digital platforms (video games, mobile media, YouTube, etc.) fit within a larger landscape of storytelling media, such as books, film, and oral storytelling. We will then create our own stories using a variety of digital platforms. In doing so, we will engage critical questions surrounding how stories are told in the digital age. What, for example, constitutes the fundamental elements of a story regardless of the media through which it is told? Conversely, how does the storytelling platform open and foreclose possible narratives? Who has the power to construct and shape the stories of the digital era? And how can digital tools empower more voices to prevent what Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie calls, “the danger of a single story”?

In this project-driven course, students will explore new digital technologies, create and produce their own stories across a range of digital platforms, and analyze stories in digital forms. The class activities will also help prepare students to choose and begin developing the proposal for their DCC capstone project.


Over the course of the semester students will work to meet the following learning objectives. Students will:

  • Contextualize contemporary digital media with other forms of storytelling traditions (oral, print, manuscript, film, television) and be able to identify how different mediums affect how we construct the narratives that define us
  • Gain an understanding of the cultural significance of storytelling and the need for empowering a wide range of narrative voices
  • Learn the history of electronic literature and the various forms digital storytelling has taken over the last several decades
  • Gain technical skills in a range of digital storytelling methods
  • Learn how to work collaboratively to design and complete a digital project
  • Prepare for the DCC 209 capstone course by writing their capstone project proposal

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