HDCC 209: Capstone

January 28, 2019
16 weeks


Porter Olsen
Joseph Meyer
Graduate Assistant
DB Bauer
Graduate Assistant
Jarah Moesch
Faculty and Program Coordinator


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Sophomore Course

This two-credit research practicum serves as the culmination of your coursework in the Design Cultures & Creativity Program in the Honors College. It is designed to support your individual (or collaborative) capstone project by exploring the major issues and questions associated with conducting research in creative digital communities. Given the interdisciplinary nature of DCC, each project will be highly individualized thereby providing the unique opportunity for co-learning structured around discussion, experimentation and group feedback. Through this course you will be asked to synthesize information, demonstrate intellectual curiosity and resourcefulness, as well as develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.  Particular emphasis will be placed on professional development and situating your research in the context of a larger community of creative thinkers, artists and designers.

Course Objectives

  • You will gain practical experience from inception to implementation on the methods, skills, tools and systems that can be used for completing a creative digital project.
  • You will be able to discuss major issues and debates in the areas of citation/attribution, copyright and project development.
  • You will gain an understanding of different research methodologies including creative arts-based research (ABR)
  • You will demonstrate the ability to choose and use appropriate technologies to communicate a final project.
  • Through research, writing, and an oral presentation, you will develop critical thinking skills and gain experience speaking publicly.
  • Your final capstone will effectively synthesize the theoretical with the process of creation.

Design Cultures & Creativity

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