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HDCC 105: Perspectives on Design Cultures & Creativity

This course is designed to familiarize you with a variety of perspectives on digital media, design, creative practices, emerging research in the field, and ways in which the DCC program can augment and extend your chosen majors.

HDCC 106, Section 0101: Digital Feminisms

How has the internet helped – and hindered – feminist activism?

HDCC 106, Section 0201: Religious Discourses in the Digital Age

The introduction of new media, such as the Internet, satellite television and cell phones, in the Arab/Muslim world imposed new realities and invited new dynamics, whether in the political, social, cultural or communication landscapes.

HDCC 106, Section 0301: Prototyping, Users, and Creativity

When designing, whether software or hardware, whether the goals are increased productivity, entertainment, education, art, or others it is an integral part of the creativity process to prototype your ideas. It is also crucial to consider the users of your creation and the experiences that they will have. It is important to be familiar with…

HDCC 106, Section 0401: Internet of Evil

Examining the antagonists trying to exploit, break, trick, and brick modern information systems: trolls, spammers, viruses, hackers, authoritarians, and more. Exploring the technical and historical background of internet evildoers, how the nature and meaning of ‘evil’ varies between systems and cultures, and how complex networks and the techniques to support them co-evolve with their evil…

HDCC 209: Capstone

This two-credit research practicum serves as the culmination of your coursework in the Design Cultures & Creativity Program in the Honors College. It is designed to support your individual (or collaborative) capstone project by exploring the major issues and questions associated with conducting research in creative digital communities. Given the interdisciplinary nature of DCC, each…