Keegan Whittle, "'Cereal'izing Nutritional Health"

Over the last century, we’ve seen medicine change drastically with the discovery of penicillin, creation and use of prescription drugs, different types of therapies, and other ways to address problems in the human body; yet one thing which hasn’t really changed all that much is nutritional science. Additives, preservatives, vitamins, minerals, dyes, etc. all are added into all kinds of foods we eat, but do we really know what all of these things are and what adverse effects they can have? Even in medical education, there’s a severe lack of nutritional instruction required. Using AirTable and databasing along with data visualization, I have created a tool useful for visualizing and understanding nutritional information such as ingredients, additives, allergens, vitamins, etc. of cereals in hopes of increasing awareness of nutritional information and education with an emphasis on medical professionals and those with dietary restrictions as the audience.

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