Sam Collins, "Storytelling Through Music: clementine, part 1"

If Sam were to pick a description or a title, artist might be the most fitting simply for its broad scope. Sam seeks to create good music, good drawings, good food, and to tell good stories through art by conveying emotion and creating fleeting moments of beauty. Sam uses guitars, pencils, erasers, and should the situation call for it, an angle grinder.

It is my belief that music has unique potential as a medium for storytelling and conveying emotions. clementine, part 1 is an album that was created in collaboration with a very close transgender friend with the intent to convey some of the specific feelings and emotions associated with being trans. Each song on the album is dedicated to a unique experience of being trans: “hitherto” is a retrospective on life before someone knows they are trans but realizes something is off, “anagnorisis” expresses the process of discovering one’s trans identity, “eigba (euphoria i)” is a simple reflection on gender euphoria, “oscar” deals with the struggle of going through daily life while closeted, “the peel” is about having difficulties coming out to certain people (later contrasted with a supporting friend), “armadillo (euphoria ii)” is another song about gender euphoria, and “the first number after zero” is a hopeful song about the future. Many of these situations can seem difficult to understand or relate to if you cannot experience them firsthand, so this album seeks to bridge that perceived divide by showing that ultimately they are all simply human emotions and experiences. The goal of this project is to help those who want to better understand the experiences of the trans community by sharing these emotions and fostering human connections and understanding.