Anaum Khan, "Stan"

Anaum Khan is a UI Designer and Software Engineer whose specialization in Mobile and Website application development is centered around one objective: building communities and safe spaces that help individuals who are likely to feel stigmatized or neglected in mainstream culture. She is passionate about empowering a new generation of venture-scale companies and democratizing access to the tech industry.

When I went to hackathons (like Technica and Bitcamp at Maryland), I learned how much I loved building new things. That led me to discover startups and join programs like Startup Shell and Terp Startup Accelerator that further fueled my interest in entrepreneurship. For my Capstone project, I decided to launch my first startup! Fans want more ways to show their support for their favorite creators and their communities. Creators want more ways to earn revenue from their super fans without having to rely solely on a single platform. Enter Stan, the creator loyalty platform. Through Stan, fans can receive personalized prizes from their favorite creators by either earning points by engaging with a creator's content or paying upfront. There are 3 key steps with Stan. One: fans sync their social media accounts like Twitch, Instagram and Twitter to the platform. Two: fans earn points for engaging with the creators' content on these platforms so for example, they can earn one point by watching a stream or liking a Tweet. Three: Fans can redeem these points for personalized prizes like a video shoutout or merchandise.

There are key two parts of the product, Currency and the Shop. The main currency on Stan is called Stan Points and there are two ways to earn them. The first way is that fans can accumulate Stan Points by engaging with the creators content like watching a video on YouTube. The second way is that fans can buy them using cash and if I were to plan to launch the product, I could effectively monetize by taking a 20% cut of these transactions. Fan’s can use their points to redeem prizes at the Shop and also gift them to other members of the community. The creator economy is exploding! There are over 50 million creators and it's a 100 billion dollar market. Twitch is the leader in livestream content (with 3.64 million unique Twitch broadcasters per month), so I’m focusing on Twitch streamers to start. For my user segment, I am targeting streamers that have 100 - 1000 daily average live viewers as they have already developed a small, strong following of fans and are undergoing the most growth.