Samara Wondimu, "Crack the Code"

As a current computer science major who had no prior knowledge of STEM before college, I am very adamant about creating opportunities for minority students to gain exposure to disciplines like engineering, technology, and science. I am acutely aware of the opportunity gap among minority students within STEM, and I want to create something to combat that by giving them the chance to discover STEM for themselves. This project is an active mentorship program, launched and facilitated for the first time during the Spring 2021 semester, for minority high school students who may be interested in pursuing tech. The program pairs them with current UMD CS/Info Sci students, who will help them with overcoming obstacles in pursuing higher education in STEM, serve as a positive role model, and show them that there are people like them that are successful within tech. The students will participate in various projects and technical workshops that will expose them to different fields within tech and encourage them to explore interests further.