Audrey Lyu, "Plant Buddy: Grow in Focus"

Audrey Lyu is a pre-med student who has a strong emphasis and motivation towards creativity in the form of art and science, in which her work takes shape as an intersection between artistic ability and intuitive practices. Her work seeks to form no limitation of race, gender, or culture in the process of creating and making the world a better place.

Over the past year, focus and motivation has been a big problem for many students and people in the online environment. The use of social media and cell phones over the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many addictions that inhibit the ability to focus on tasks. Plant Buddy: Grow in Focus is an app that helps users take meaningful time to focus on tasks and reduce distractions on the cell phone. This app takes form as an animated plant that grows according to the timer and dies if the app is left. The timer used in the app follows the Pomodoro method, which involves 50 minutes of studying and 10 minutes of a break after. The aesthetics and animation of the app is a main focus of the project, in aims of calming the mind and motivating the user. By using a timer interface on the app, time can be valued by the user and growth can be visualized. People who experience distractions on their cell phone and social media can use this app as a fun and interactive way to focus on school or work and grow in a self-compassionate way.