Katarina Djukic, "Generation Z"

What defines a generation? From childhood, Generation Z has been told that we are the future, the ones to resolve the problems pushed off by older generations. This would be an anxiety inducing task even without the rapidly accelerating threat of climate change, our growing political divide, and social unrest resulting from the systemic oppression governing every major aspect of our lives. This project looks back on our brief history as a generation and highlights some of the events that greatly affected our outlook on the world and our purpose in it. These include key political and pop-culture events, as well as tragedies, that have occurred in our short life span and will stay with us forever, guiding all our future motives. The purpose of this project is to uncover the ways these events have shaped us into who are today and who we will be in the future. Gen Z is considered to be “digital natives,” for we have never known a world without the internet, so this presentation of the hopeless heroes of the future comes in the digital form of a video inspired by the poetic documentary style.