Zachary Calcagno, Heidi Levitan, & Vinny Maltagliati, "Project ReCart"

Zachary Calcagno is an engineer involved in computer technology and hardware, learning to use hands-on work and low-level design to design faster, cheaper, and more accessible technology for everyone.

Vincente "Vinny" Maltagliati is a design engineer enthralled with 3D modeling, working to mitigate stress and increase effectivity of handling common everyday problems and tasks, via cheap and simple mechanical designs.

The aim of our project was to construct a vehicle primarily from a used golf cart and other recycled equipment. Through the execution of our project, we exemplified what can be done with “useless scraps,” and encourage others to reimagine what they call trash and what they call treasure, and hopefully encourage others to use those treasures in new and creative ways. Our audience encompasses anyone with access to used resources, (which have the potential to be reused), but may not see the value in the "scraps." By reusing what we have rather than just making new stuff all the time, we decrease the need for material extraction (saving money, time, and the health of the people who have to do the physical extraction and refinement), as well as increasing availability of resources. By reimagining what can be considered a resource, by including used/old/broken items, we present to those who may not have the money or ability to buy the newest, shiniest, or best products an opportunity to make something that does the job, even if it's not top of the line.