Isabel Anderson, "Between These Walls"

One’s childhood home, a cultural landmark, the location of the party where one met their future partner, even a cold hospital room where tragedy struck; everyone has places that have significance to their lives. The spaces we exist in are not static; instead, architecture and place-making are part of a dynamic tradition which both affects and is affected by those who inhabit it. After conducting interviews with people from various backgrounds, I assembled an exhibit that abstractly represents each space’s significance and explores the themes of memory, location, architecture and emotion. Through a series of interconnected exhibits based upon real places deemed important to occupants, one will contemplate how and why they are invested with meaning. Using the form of a digital model, the exhibition is experienced through rendered animations. This project encourages reflection on the implications and effects on users within general design processes, which leads to more well-rounded designs-adaptable and thoroughly considered. By understanding how meaning is made in our everyday world, we can gain insight into designing for complex scenarios within it. It all begins with a seemingly simple, yet crucial question: what is your most important place?