DCC Capstone Live 2021

Tuesday, May 11, 5—7pm ET

Live captioning will be available

WELCOME— 5—5:15pm ET

SESSION ONE— 5:15—6pm ET

Designing For Access & Wellbeing

Min Jang, "Orthotic Customization through a Phone Application"
Sydney Nader & Katherine Norden, "Hello GMOs"
Julian Stewart, "Destigmatizing Mental Illness Through Music"
Ruben Turner, "Socially Distanced Board Games in the Age of COVID-19"

Materializing More Sustainable Futures

Zachary Calcagno, Heidi Levitan, & Vinny Maltagliati, "Project ReCart"
Emily Kombe, Ayana Moses, & Angela Pina Munoz, "Reduce, Reuse, Refashion!”
Vivek Laljani, "An LED Visualization of Racial Wealth Inequality"

Transformative Connections

Emily Chang, "Building Bridges"
Priya Kalla & Maya Lee, "See Us, Hear Us"
Anika Sehne, "Cooking To Overcome Bias"

SESSION TWO— 6—6:45pm ET

Designing Pathways For Inquiry

Noah Corman, "Choose Your Own Path: Subjectivity in the Criminal Justice System"
Afreen Minai, "Neutral Party: Addressing Political Polarization and Literacy in a Digital World"
Eric Robinson, "Sustainable Fitness App"

Materializing Artistic Interventions

Skylar Chan, "Twiirl—A Motion-Controlled Music Synthesizer"
Josh Mensah, "Let's Bring House Back: The Experience"
Isabel Anderson, "Between These Walls"
Tiffany Yen, "A Visual Expression of Emotion"

Transformative Storytelling

Stephen Duranske, "Night and Day: A New Musical"
Samantha Kalibala, "Hidden Icons: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ fashion"
Shreya Karthikeyan, "Anubhavah: The Voice of Sita"
Sanna Sprandel, "Splitting Creativity: Using Magnets to Create a Story"