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Prince Frederick DCC

DCC stands for Design Cultures and Creativity and is one of the Honors College Living Learning programs at the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP). At the end of our two year program here in DCC, sophomore students are required to complete a capstone project integrating what they have learned in the program with the project they choose to create.

The four DCC topics that most closely relate to my project are:

Sustainability: In DCC 105 we learned about sustainability from Mark Stewart, the Senior Project Manager from the Office of Sustainability at the UMCP. Mr. Stewart explained that if we took all of the cars off the road today, we would still feel the effects of our carbon dioxide emissions for the next 100 years. This

Creative Misuse: I learned about creative misuse in DCC 105 with the “coded dance” project. For this project we combined two things with not-so-obvious connections (dancing and coding) and created something new. For my project I combined a bicycle and a kayak to create the bike-boat hybrid.

Remediation: In my first year of DCC I learned that remediation is similar to the evolution of technologies. An example of remediation is the evolution of A-track players to CD-players to MP3 players to Ipods. In my project I am evolving the bicycle and kayak into a combination that is slightly different from the two of them.

Accessibility: After learning in DCC 209 how the designs for many everyday objects are not inclusive to people of various disabilities I realized that my project excluded people with physical deformities. What I did do to make my project more accessible was to look for as many recycled parts so I could keep my budget down as low as possible to make it inclusive to people of different socioeconomic classes.



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