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Here are some pictures of important moments over the course of my project’s creation:

Peer Feedback:

Doc-05_13_16, 14_01 - 2

Feedback from my classmate Erica Ryan.

Doc-05_13_16, 14_01 - 3

Feedback from my classmate Zuri Zhao.

Doc-05_13_16, 14_01 - 4

Feedback from my classmate Aaron Charian.

Coding the Story:


Me coding “Gene Split” with Twine.

Twine web

The Twine interface for “Gene Split.” This screenshot is of the final sequence in the Genetic Art Museum Chapter.

Twine code

Code for “Gene Split’s” attribute system. This is the most complicated section of code in the game.

Gene Editing Story title screen

The title screen of “Gene Split” before I’d decided on a title for the story.

Final Product:

Final Game Menu

The title screen of the final version of “Gene Split.”

Final Game ToC

The attribute selection page in the final version of “Gene Split.”

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