Formal Project Summation

The Evolution of Rock was a success!

The project ended with a full iTOL (host website) tree of 100 subgenres of rock music, each with a pop-up detailing the characteristics that placed them on the tree, two embedded YouTube videos, and a short description/origin blurb. The traits are all visible on the tree, with an appealing color pattern, and the site itself provided even more interactive features. The WordPress portion of the project, found here, was a success as well, by giving a visual and textual introduction on how to read phylogenetic trees, some justifications and disclaimers regarding personal decisions I had to make when creating the tree, and two forms for user comments. While changes were definitely made along the way, I ultimately achieved my goal with this project.

Pictures of The Evolution of Rock tree:
Tree Screenshot full treeTree Screenshot Genre example subgenreTree Screenshot Traitexample trait

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