DCC courses I took:

  • HDCC105: Digital Cultures & Creativity 1
  • HDCC106: Digital Cultures & Creativity 2 (Art and Film section)
  • HDCC208N: Research Methods and Practices for Computing Interaction
  • HDCC209: Capstone


“Design | Cultures + Creativity fosters an open, collaborative, and social environment that encourages students to explore the relationship between emerging media, society, and creative practices. We are passionate about emerging technologies and their impact on the world; but even more importantly, how our contributions to emerging technologies can change the world. DCC students are innovative thinkers and makers who engage in research and collaborative projects on topics as varied as identity, connectivity, social justice, art, design, and all things creative in an era when digital media links us on a scale unprecedented in human history.
DCC encourages students to think beyond disciplinary boundaries and approach problems from multiple perspectives by providing them with the resources to tackle any issue or goal they have. Our courses, lab space, and workshops provide spaces for exploration, for thinking through ideas, and experimenting with the process of building, designing, and creating in the digital age. DCC strongly values inclusivity and aims to cultivate life long learners who are critically engaged thinkers. Our students will become the makers and doers of tomorrow, able to expand our notions of human potential, not merely technologically but also socially and creatively.”(DCC website)


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