Capstone Fair!!

The capstone fair went great! I had two laptops out on the table, one with the tree on it and one with the WordPress info page. My goal was to provide interactive information on rock music in a new, creative way, and to examine the relationships between different subgenres of rock music. As I was walking around during my free hour of the fair I often checked back on my station and found people kneeling, exploring the tree in greater detail, which is exactly what I was hoping for. No one seemed overwhelmed by the amount of information, but instead they were drawn in by the layout and interactive features, and they wanted to explore it more. I also got excited and curious comments about the idea of classifying rock music like an organism, which confirmed that I had gotten people to think about the relationships and the tree structure itself. Overall: mission accomplished.

Here’s the one picture I have of someone exploring the tree:

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