Mid-Semester Reflection & Glam Rock

I am off from my timeline at this point, but it’s not a bad thing. As I’ve looked into ways of presenting the data I’ve gathered in the form of a tree I found iTOL, which will essentially remove the necessity for me to learn in depth HTML or JavaScript coding. Instead the goals were shifted to creating a tree, and writing it out in a format compatible with iTOL. My timeline says that at this point I should ideally have a sketch of the final tree, and by the end of spring break be 100% done with all HTML tutorials. With the tutorials out of the way, the issue becomes where I am with the tree. At the moment I am in the process of building the first iteration of the tree, which I will then type into a format for iTOL, and play around with a first visual iteration. While this is likely not the final version of the tree in terms of data, the second half of the semester that was initially devoted to the website portion will now be combined with the building-the-tree portion. Due to the changes in how I’m going about this project, the timeline will be less of a split down the middle between tree building and website coding, and will be more of a continuous addition to both, in the form of many iterations. I want to have the first visual iteration finished by the end of spring break, so that I can focus on some new aspects of the project that came up during my individual meeting.

The individual meeting brought up the issue of communicating this data to an audience with little or no biology experience. A potential problem with the project is it being too abstract, and unorthodox, for anyone in the biology field to care about it, but too biology-based for anyone else to understand it. I want my focus to be on those with more interest in rock music than biology. In order to address this as soon as possible I will have a visual iteration of the tree finished by the end of spring break, so that I can begin getting feedback on what confuses people, and what they would like to see more of (in regards to visual aspects). For the end product I would like something as universally decipherable as possible, and so since the majority of the data gathering is finished, it’s time to shift gears for now and work on presentation.

Genre of the Week: Glam Rock

Glam rock originated int the United Kingdom in the 1970s, and is characterized as a style of rock in which the performers often wear eccentric make-up, hairstyles, and clothes. It’s often seen as a fashion movement as much as a rock subgenre, and due to the androgynous nature of the styles it has been connected to modern views of gender roles. Hard rock has been seen as a foil to glam rock, in that, compared to glam rock, there is a much higher emphasis on machismo.

An example from the UK:

and an example from the US:

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