I started this project as my capstone for University of Maryland’s Design Cultures and Creativity Honors College. Here are some weekly blog posts I made about the project’s progress throughout a semester. Hopefully, those of you who have worked on a long-term project can relate. Enjoy!

2/1/16: Me begging myself not to procrastinate

2/10/16: 3D printing is awesome

2/16/16: I’ve got 99 goals and breadboards are most of them

2/23/16: But what do the KIDS want?

2/30/16: I think I have determined what the kids want

3/9/16: A few minor roadblocks (oops, I procrastinated) 

3/11/16: Seeking redemption

5/15/16: That’s a wrap, for now :)

As a part of my capstone project, I interviewed Professor Evan Golub, who is a computer science professor at UMD and specializes in human-computer interaction. I asked him a few questions about what extra steps I can take to make this kit user-friendly for children. He had some great input, and even set up a session for me to test my project on kids of ages 7-11 that he does research with. Check out a full recount of the interview here.