Transforming Spaces through Art and Function



Finalized Turtle Shell Decoration!


Painting the turtle shell decoration

Metal Frame 1 metal frame 2

Images of the Metal frame nearing its completion, only missing the vertical posts and the attachment at the base of each pole.

painted shell pieces

Beginning the painting process of the turtle shape process, beginning with the primer!


Welding together the arching portion of the frame

turtle shell pieces 1

Cutting out and sanding the shapes that make up the turtle shell

angle cuts

Figuring out how to cut the metal frame, and creating the angles desired!

bad cuts in metal

Struggling with cutting, experimenting with plasma cutters… Not turning out well

20150409_144925 (1) outdoor table

Existing tables that we will disassemble and reuse for our project- RECYCLING!


Shapes and Measurements of the Final Shapes for the turtle shell decoration


Finalized design, will all changes made!

Turtle Shell Awning

Finalizing the design, incorporating all individual components excluding electrical components besides solar panels

turtle shell backing

Using software to design the exterior decoration


image of ortho views

More clearly defining the individual components and their relative and absolute dimensions


turtle shell

Beginning to look into turning the awning into an art piece, incorporating unexpected elements

awning inspiration

Art piece shown to me by Krista, inspiring a new design that is art-oriented as well


Looking at previous examples of other students’ work on campus


img012 img013


Original Ideas, Concepts, and Sketches (prior to decision to turn into art piece)

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