Transforming Spaces through Art and Function

Capstone Reflections

As of currently, we did not take many pictures at the Capstone due to the incompleteness of the structure. However, we were asked many valuable questions and received some interesting external feedback.

Memorable Mentions from Capstone

  • “What are your future plans with this awning?”
    • This will hopefully be enjoyed and greatly beneficial to the campus. If the University enjoys our product, we hope to sell it as to the school to produce more around campus. We feel the design is very suitable to the campus and to the sustainable environment.
    • We also hope that the design can be served on other campuses, and the turtle shell can be transformed into a wolf head or a tiger face depending on the school.
  • “You could consider putting it over a bench at a bus stop instead.”
    • This is a good idea that we had heard once before. While we like the idea of usage, we thought our first would be placed in a less discrete area. This would prove whether it genuinely attracts attention, since it is still in a public space, and yet there is no specific purpose for this bench besides people casually resting on a nice day. Our product will hopefully provide more use to the bench and attract more attention, and then we feel in a larger scale installation across campus, placing in a commonly used space will be a great addition.
  • ” Did you learn anything about the electrical aspect to your project?”
    • Someone posed this question to me, and it made me realize how much I have learned from this project. I have gained great understanding in how solar panels and their connections work, and how the transformation from AC to DC occurs.
    • Beyond this, I have learned great lessons in time management and communication skills with a variety of people. Between working with my partner, gathering advice from stakeholders, working closely with the lab and woodshop managers Don and Joe, and even getting permission from the authorities at Facilities Management, I have gained a lot in this skill.
  • “Oh, I get it so it goes on a frame and then brings power? Oh that’s really cool.”
    • This was a short quote I took from someone who stopped by. Lots of people were confused just by the turtle shell decoration outside. Lots of people thought it was some sort of pathway and walked across it. But upon explaining the rest of the project, I generally received great and excited responses, and many feel this can be an innovative yet critical design that will have a real purpose. I sure hope so, too!
  • Shoutout to all of the people who walked across my decoration as it lay on the ground. I guess you thought it was a walkway? Regardless, my shell stands strong.

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