Transforming Spaces through Art and Function

Updates 5/15

Emily met with Don today, and we have come to a few conclusions.

  1. We will move our wooden panels from the DCC basement to the IREAP lab where the rest of our project currently stands. This will allow us to
    1. grind down the screws that are protruding from the back of the wooden panels. In an effort to finish the wooden decoration by the Capstone Fair, I used the materials that were available at the time, even though the screws were too long for our wood. Now they protrude about a 1/4″ from the back, creating a dangerous environment. We will now be able to grind them down and potentially cover them to prevent anyone from being poked or scratched (again!).
    2. Attach our wooden panels securely to the metal frame. The materials for the attachment are most available in the IREAP lab.
  2. We will ask Facilities Management to help us transport our project, considering it may weigh almost 300 pounds upon completion. Once it is on site, I believe Emily will attach the solar panels and finish the wiring while there.
  3. We still require a box for our batteries. Though we know what we are looking for, it is hard to find a box that can fit our batteries due to their size.
  4. The welding will hopefully be completed early next week, so this weekend we will transport our wooden boards to the IREAP lab.

Although our project will not reach full completion by this weekend, we have made serious progress, and we are proud of where we have come. We feel this project will have a huge beneficial impact on the atmosphere on campus. It will capture a great deal of attention, hopefully receive a great deal of use, and potentially encourage the campus to install even more of these elsewhere.

However, should it reach a widescale installation… I’m not sure I personally want to build another one of these… Literal blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this project.

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