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Capstone Fair

Today is the day.

I’ve spent endless hours this past weekend and all day Monday finishing up the painting. Each shape creating my turtle has a white border which I meticulously painted over several times freehand after taping it during painting the rest of the shape red. After a very time consuming process, I finished painting last night around 3AM.

In the morning, I met Emily at IREAP to finalize our metal construction. Unfortunately, we ran into a problem where, after assembling most of our structure, the vertical posts don’t measure up properly anymore. Their angles need to be changed to be attached correctly, and the heights need to be shortened.

However, some of the men from Facilities Management arrived today and discussed our project with us. We determined that we will attach small plates to the bottom of each of the vertical posts, and the two arching frames will be extended so that they can be buried in the grass behind the bench. The plates under the verticals will serve as a platform through which bolts will stick into the ground and firmly attach it to the cement.

Once we have made all of these adjustments, which will likely be done next week due to the availability of Emily and our welder, Don, we can fill out a work order form to Facilities Management, and they will help us personally attach it to the ground.

While it is disappointing that our project will be pushed past the deadline, and may not even be done until after I leave school for the summer, it is exciting that it is finally coming to a close.

Below is a picture of our finished decoration, which I am very happy with! Despite the Capstone visitors that walked across it while it was on display outside… :(

1431380891708 1431410989199

And here are images of our almost completed frame. A crane is lifting the structure to a vertical position, and the vertical posts are held in place to indicate what it will end up looking like with our final adjustments made.

metal frame 2 Metal Frame 1

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