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Communication Struggles

Emily and I are in communication with Facilities Management at UMD, and our goal now is to figure out how to transport our structure from the Engineering side of campus to our site next to Prince Frederick. Unfortunately, our communication struggles occasionally.

Today we intended to meet with the man who will help us install our structure in the ground. Morris Landes will hopefully come visit us next week the day of our Capstone to help us figure out how we will be attaching this structure to the ground. We are unsure of whether we need to make it a certain way to make it able to attach to the ground. We also know this will be a massive structure, about 10 feet tall by 7 feet wide and 4 feet deep. This will be difficult to transfer to our site, but hopefully Facilities Management can offer us a ride. Otherwise, our back up plan is to use Emily’s dad’s truck, though this would be less safe.

Additionally, today we found there were some communication errors about how the pieces will be welded, but these were sorted out before any errors were made in the process of welding. The newest drawings, shown below, were more helpful once they were referred to, and I also went through and labeled what pieces were welded to what pieces, and where these welds would be made.



While it is useful for me to be there and ensure the process is going according to the design, I also need to spend time finishing up the sanding and focusing on priming and painting the wood. Luckily I have begun priming most of the pieces, as pictured below. This will be a tedious and tiring process, but nonetheless some back pain will be worth the ultimate result!

painted shell pieces

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