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Update May 5th

Up to this day, we have made significant progress. Most of the parts Emily and Don have been working on have been cut, and we plan on beginning to weld this week. I came in with Emily to the metalworking lab today to make sure all of the pieces were properly cut. There was some confusion as to where the measurements needed to be made. I redrew my drawings to clarify where the cuts were, and I compiled a list of how many pieces there were and what their dimensions and angles were. After reviewing what has already been cut, this was a useful day to gather what still needed to be cut before welding. We realized there was some confusion, and we had to make some minor adjustments in our dimensions to account for a few small errors.

Luckily, it looks like we are ready to move forward without any worries. The angle cuts have been cut almost entirely, and this will allow for the joints to be welded properly to make the proper final shape. Below is an image of a piece of metal being cut at the proper angle at the end. This angle will meet up with another part of the frame, and this piece pictured will end up being the tallest vertical piece that is supporting the main part of the weight of the frame and solar panel.

angle cuts

ALSO, to update the progress on our wood, I have officially cut out all of the shapes, and I am in the process of sanding them all. While this is a tedious job, it will be rewarding. I plan on beginning to prime and paint the shapes as this week goes on. Of course, just need to find the time with all the other things going on.

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