Transforming Spaces through Art and Function

Construction Process- Progress Is Made!

Wood Portion- I have been making great headway on the turtle shell shapes. I have OFFICIALLY gathered all of the wood I need, all in good condition as well. All of the shapes have been traced by now. I have decided to cut down an inch from each panel to add a space of two inches between each large panel. This will allow for wind to pass through and prevent too much resistance. If a strong gust of wind were to pass, the wind will pass through the holes as opposed to put so much pressure and potentially move the structure over.

My pieces are now mostly cut out. I have cut off the proper measurements of each shape and board to allow for this gap between the boards. Below is a drawing of what it will look like disregarding that additional space between the panels. The turtle shell pieces are also picture below partially. The next steps will be to sand and paint them all!

PEN DRAWING REFINEDturtle shell pieces 1


Metal Portion- Emily and Don have been making great progress on cutting the pieces out. Our challenges on the metal front have mainly been scheduling. After finding out that all of our necessary pieces can be obtained from these two tables, it is really just finding time that Don is available to work with Emily.

The first day we tried to cut our metal pieces, Don tried using a plasma cutter. Though we had great hopes for this tool, it wasn’t creating cuts nearly as well as we anticipated. After a few days, he switched to a different saw, a Sawzall and a miter band saw will create the angled cuts on all of our pieces that require angled ends. Below is an image of a piece of metal cut with the plasma cutter. Luckily, after discovering this new saw, we haven’t had issues as far as the actual cutting process. Our primary issue is strictly timing and hopefully completing the project in time!

bad cuts in metal

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