Transforming Spaces through Art and Function

Construction Process- Turtle Shell Shapes

It is time! We have begun construction!

Emily and I have divvied up the responsibilities. She has begun to focus on the metalworking while I work on the woodworking. After getting my woodshop certification, I now have full access to all the materials I need to create my turtle shell panels.

In class this week, I began to cut out templates of each of the shapes I will need. In the attached picture, I indicate the measurements for each of the shapes I will need for the turtle shell decoration. Luckily, there are only five different shapes, but altogether I will need 28 shapes cut out. The first step is to create the templates, and then lay them out on the wooden boards I have purchased/taken from the scrap piles in the studio. I realized quickly I still may need to purchase an additional piece of wood. With these templates, I have a better idea of how large this turtle shell will be in person.


Once I trace these shapes onto the wood, I can get started on cutting them with a jigsaw. After cutting them all, I will make them nice and pretty and sand all the edges and prepare to paint them.

Below is the image I intend to recreate- I’m sure all Terps are familiar with this icon!



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