Finalized Design

Ortho ViewsTurtle Shell Backing

This past month we have been working on finalizing our design, determining materials, and attempting to scale our project to fit our budget. The latest iteration of our design features:

1. 4 vertical posts that will attach to the bench (2 on each side) via a perpendicular metal plate that will attach to preexisting holes in the bench.

2. In terms of materials, we have decided to work with aluminum box poles that have been recycled and generously donated by the Electrical Engineering Department. With the help of experienced mentors, we will cut and weld the poles to create the 4 vertical posts as well as the arching supports for the turtle shell. This material was decided on in favor of 80 20 due to it’s availability and our budget constraints, although 80 20 is easier to cut and attach.

3. For the shell, we decided to make the shell pieces out of wood and place them on wooden backing to resemble a turtle shell. This is both an inexpensive and lightweight as well as aesthetically pleasing material to use.

At the top is an orthographic view of our updated design as well as a diagram for the decorative backing for the panel.


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