Abstract Retrospective

Over the course of the iterative design process, we have changed our original design slightly. On the electrical side, we will be adding a grounding rod made of copper to our solar awning in order to minimize accumulated charge so lightning is not attracted to the panels and provide a discharging route in case of lighting strikes. The function of our solar awning has also changed slightly, as we are adding an artistic twist to the project. We will be adding a “turtle shell” to the back wall of the bench, which will provide shade as well as create an inhabitable space. By adding visual appeal we hope to create a unique installation that will provoke thought as well as productivity.

We have decided to place the solar awning on the south side of Prince Frederick on a bench by the side of the path that runs from Commons 6 to the business school. This location allows the solar panel to face south while not being blocked by large buildings, as there are no large buildings in the vicinity of the planned location.

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