As the culmination of our time in Design Cultures and Creativity we plan on designing and implementing a solar awning that will attach to benches around the University of Maryland. This solar awning will be connected to a battery bank through a charge controller, which can then be used to charge electronics via outdoor outlets, which are connected to the battery through an inverter. This project promotes a sustainable solution to the plight that students face of not being able to work outside for sustained periods of time without draining the power of their electronic devices, which might be essential for work. By promoting a sustainable solution to a problem that students face, this project connects topics that we have explored in DCC such as ubiquitous computing and sustainability in a digital age. In order to implement this project, we will synthesize skills from our respective majors (Architecture and Electrical Engineering) as well as knowledge gained from faculty advisors and the Solar Energy Project in Engineers Without Borders. This solar awning will serve as a prototype with the end goal of replicating the solar awning in various places around campus.

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