The Capstone Fair

At the capstone fair we brought out the completed wood panels that will serve as a backing for the structure. We also prepared a slideshow of the construction process complete with pictures of the metal frame. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish construction by the capstone fair, so we decided to leave the metal portion of our project in the machine shop on the other side of campus, where we had been working on it. It didn’t really make sense to move it all the way across campus when it wasn’t completed yet, since we would have to move it right back after the capstone fair, and it weighs almost 200 pounds. On the bright side, all of DCC will be able to see our completed project outside Prince Frederick in the fall, since it will be a permanent installation on a bench across the lawn in front of Prince Frederick.

Visitors to the capstone fair were able to view the decorative wood panels, which were placed on the patio. This generated a lot of interest in our project and how the wood panels were going to be integrated into the rest of the project. Through the use of the slideshow that we created with pictures of the metal frame, we explained to visitors what our finished product will look like, and invited them to check back on the lawn outside Prince Frederick in the fall.

Students that visited our exhibit at the capstone fair were excited at the prospect of an outdoor electronics charging station, and thought that it will be a great addition to campus. Many visitors mentioned that if they are working near the business school or living in Prince Frederick they would definitely take advantage of this outdoor charging station in order to work outside for longer periods of time.


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