Discuss one of the readings from your proposal bibliography. What was helpful,
inspiring, useful…?
Pitch your project 5 different ways. With each pitch, utilize a different source from your
bibliography as a framing device.

One of the readings I had in my bibliography was about what fish tanks looked like with and without oysters. The results were astonishing, and this is a major part of what inspired the design for our project. We wanted to essentially produce the same results, but have it in a way that people can interact and see the direct consequences of their actions. We wanted to integrate user input and add our own different elements to the project to make it more appealing and user-driven.

1. The Aquarino is a user-driven project that allows users to pick and choose what is done to  the tank, and as a result, directly see the consequences of their choices. How you want it to look will be your choice! (Freshwater Aquarium Setup – Fish Tank Setup)
2. The oyster population in Bay has decreased in recent years. With the population dwindling, other living organisms are being influenced. Oysters not only filter water, they provide food and shelter for others. With the Aquarino, now you can see what the effects are. (Integrated Treatment of Shrimp Effluent by Sedimentation, Oyster Filtration and Macroalgal Absorption: A Laboratory Scale Study)
3. Illegal harvesting of oysters in the Bay has been a major problem in recent years. As consumers however, we can’t always see the direct consequences. With the Aquarino, now you can see exactly what impact we are making (not a good one)! (Illegal Harvesting of Oysters in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay)
4. Ever want to remotely have control of something? Ever want to see your choices go into effect? Then the Aquarino is for you! You CHOOSE what happens and you SEE the results. The Aquarino will do whatever you want. (The Distant Gardener: What Conversations in the Telegarden Reveal about Human-telerobotic Interaction.)
5. The Arduino is a small, yet powerful computer that, when used, can create an endless amount of projects. Our project, the Aquarino, is based upon the Arduino and its capabilities. Using the Arduino, we plan to use that to give the user control of the settings of the fishtank. These settings include whether or not water is filtered, and how the environment inside the fish tank is. (Aquaduino)

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