What is iterative design to you and your project? Write about what forms you think your
iterations on your project will look like.
Discuss an artist, designer, or architect that has influenced your project.
Pick a designed object that is in someway related to your project. Discuss its changes
over time. What has changed? Has change always been for the better?

Iterative design to me to me is just coming up with more and more updated versions of a project. For us, that will be first drawing out designs of what we want our project to be, continually updating and editing the design, and until it is finalized actually building what we want to do. Multiple iterations during building may occur as well but hopefully will not be needed. Artists that influenced our project were Ken Goldberg and Joseph Santarromana; they were the artists behind the Telegarden. This project specifically was a key inspiration for our project. We were inspired by the users ability to see what was happening remotely but still have control of what was happening to the plants users managed. In our case, it will be an aquarium. A designed object related to our project is the iPhone. The iPhone, over time, has a long history in development of its design and technology. once bulky and slow, the iPhone has become a slim, yet powerful machine that almost everyone has (if not an iPhone, a smartphone). Our project is based upon the Arduino, which is a fast and powerful micro-controller, that definitely has been influenced by the technology of the iPhone and smartphones in general. It’s for the better because as time progresses, development has made the sizes of these computer smaller and smaller, but faster and smarter with more capabilities.

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