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The Chesapeake Bay, one of the most important watersheds on the East Coast, is dying largely due to human impacts that include pollution and over-fishing. Natural filter feeders that keep the Bay clean such as crabs and oysters have declined in population in recent years. The Aquarino is a project that aims to spread awareness of the severity of human impact on the Bay. By using an interactive fish tank, users will be able to see, over live-stream via the web, how plants and the water are influenced when these natural filter feeders decrease in population or even disappear. There will be a separate accessory fish tank to hold live oysters that have tubes flowing into and out of the main fish tank. Between these two fish tanks there will be valves (that can either be open or closed) which allow users to control whether or not the water in the main tank will be filtered. The system utilizes a web interface to allow an audience to control these valves and additional environmental conditions in the fish tank such as the aquarium light color or intensity. All in all, the Aquarino is at the crossroads of technology, human interaction and the environment, and aims to inspire others to preserve nature and its wildlife.

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Contact Information:

Charles Liu & Ben Chang

443 -996-7451



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