Alex Thomas

Alex Thomas

Instructor, Doctoral Candidate

environmental communication, media studies, queer theory, critical digital humanities

Alex Thomas is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland, College Park, where they study mass media studies, environmental and visual communication, monster studies, fandom studies, and digital humanities. Their research still encompasses how we represent ‘the other’ in media, with a specific focus on the powers and harms of using popular culture and new media to shape ideology about the environment. Through textual analysis and qualitative methods, Alex researches how various communities and creators use popular culture and new media to build community, create solidarity around ideas, and make claims about the environment visible to different audiences. Alex’s dissertation research encompasses a queer environmental criticism of how monsters can be used in animation and graphic novels as a visual bridge between humans and the environment to provide tools for public discussion and understanding of the environment. Past projects have included research on children’s media and environmental racism, climate change affect, the interaction between fandoms and social media sites, and social media platform affordances of activism and community connection. At the University of Maryland, Alex has taught courses in public speaking, communication theory, and gender theory. Beyond research and teaching, Alex is an active departmental citizen, serving on the Anti-Racist Working Group and serving as an Academic Ambassador. Alex has a Bachelor’s degree in Feminist Studies from Cornell University and a M.A. from the University of Maryland.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
HDCC 208G: Monstrosity in Media and Culture—from Godzilla to Black Twitter 16 weeks August 30, 2021