Jarah Moesch is an artist-scholar whose work explores issues of justice through the design, production, and acquisition of embodied knowledges. Jarah is a postdoctoral fellow and associate director of DCC. Jarah’s research incorporates cultural studies, art, and design practices with physical computing and other multimodal processes as experimental research towards the development of new design models for justice.

Jarah’s queer justice design practice takes design as a form of awareness, a way of sensitizing ourselves to other ways of living in the world. Specifically, Jarah is concerned with the ways particular values are embedded within the design of (health) care, including medical technologies, systems, and communities.

Jarah’s artwork ranges from traditional forms of art to contemporary new media practices, and tactical social interventions. This multi-modal work explores the tangled relationship between technologies, systems, and embodied knowledges through the performance of everyday life. Jarah’s artwork has been shown across the United States as well as internationally in festivals and exhibitions.

PhD, American Studies, University of Maryland
MFA, Integrated Media Arts, Hunter College
BA, Radio, Television, and Film, University of Maryland

Areas of Expertise
Queer theory, cultural studies, embodied design praxis, media theory, time and location-based media, non-linear art, digital humanities, performance art and installation