Alexis Lothian

Alexis Lothian is an interdisciplinary scholar of queer and feminist media and cultural studies. She is core faculty in the Department of Women’s Studies, where she also teaches LGBT studies courses, an affiliate faculty member in American Studies, and core faculty in DCC. Her scholarship and teaching are situated at the intersection of queer studies, speculative fiction, and social justice in digital culture.

Lothian is completing her first book, Old Futures: Speculative Fiction and the History of Queer Time, which explores alternative futures dreamed up by feminists, queers, and people of color in the US and UK from the late 19th to the early 21st century, and also works on digital artistic forms used within fan communities to engage critical readings of media texts and to participate in social justice activism. Her work has been published in venues that include Poetics Today, Debates in Digital Humanities, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Cinema Journal, Camera Obscura, Social Text Periscope, Journal of Digital Humanities, Extrapolation, and the feminist science fiction publisher Aqueduct Press; she edited a 2013 special issue of Ada: a Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology on feminist science fiction. She is a founding member of the #transformDH digital humanities collective and the editorial team of the open access journal Transformative Works and Cultures. In the world of feminist science fiction fandom, she is part of the James Tiptree, Jr Award Motherboard; at the feminist science fiction convention WisCon, she co-chairs the academic track and is a member of the anti-abuse team.

In DCC, Lothian regularly teaches a 106 section on Gender, Race, and Labor in the Digital World, in which students study the operation of power structures and social justice movements online, and a 208 section on Media, Culture, and Identity, in which students learn about and practice creative genres developed by members of marginalized communities, including zines, fan remix video, and indie games. She hopes to design a DCC class on science fiction at some point in the not too distant future.

PhD in English with Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies, University of Southern California, 2012
MA in Sexual Dissidence and Cultural Change, University of Sussex, 2005
MA (Hons) in English Language and Literature, University of Edinburgh, 2003

Campus Address
Department of Women’s Studies, 2101F Woods Hall