Users, Technology, and Design

In the 0301 section of HDCC106, we will look at how techniques and tools from the field of Human-Computer Interaction, one that spans many disciplines (such as Computer Science, Psychology, Information Studies, Journalism, Sociology, Business, and English) can allow teams whose members bring a wide range of background knowledge to work with each other and with “end users” to design and assess new technologies.

In this course, we will have hands-on exercises and project related to the design and assessment of software that would run on some form of existing technology (desktops, tablets, smartphones, VR headsets). A fair amount of our building and assessing will take place with low-fidelity prototypes, built using arts supplies or tools such as photo editors. However, we will also explore several ways that medium-fidelity prototypes can be built using existing tools, with perhaps a little programming mixed in.

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Course Information
  • Course Id:HDCC 106 0301
  • Room:HBK 1112
  • Days:Monday Wednesday
  • Timings:3:30 - 4:45pm
Evan Golub

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