HDCC 208U: Art for Earthly Survival

August 31, 2020
16 weeks


Photograph of Eva Peskin by Lola Flash for the 2019 Queer|Art Community Portrait Project
Eva Peskin
Graduate Assistant


0111 Prince Frederick Hall   View map


Sophomore Course

Climate activists, anarchist and other radical political groups, abolitionists, liberation workers across a wide range of social movements often rally around a shared sentiment: Another World Is Possible. Perhaps a world of sustainable ecological and social relations, one where living beings are free and cared for, one where creative and generative gifts are shared openly and  abundantly. But what makes these other worlds possible? This class engages art as a crucial site for envisioning, incubating, and enacting worlds that adhere to the wildest capacities of our imagination. Students will learn about historical foundations and contemporary practices of socially engaged, site-specific, and environmentally responsive art as a means of training our practical imaginations. We will cultivate techniques for conceptualizing and composing individual and collaborative art projects, culminating in the co-creation of socially-engaged art works reflecting the connections among ecology, collaboration, and social justice.