Eileen Wang, "Renaissance Rumble"

Eileen Wang is an artist that creates interactive mediums in digital spaces. With her interests in visual arts and computer science, she hopes that her work will bring joy to people while also forging a connection between art and technology.

A cursed painting wreaks havoc on your exhibition.

Art has been utilized by us to document our passions, ideologies, and emotions since the Stone Age. Therefore, learning about the art history we have left behind helps us understand the structure of the past and the potential of the future. The game, “Renaissance Rumble”, attempts to encapsulate art history from the Renaissance into a single game. Made in the Unity game engine, this project permits the player to navigate through works of art and battle enemies directly inspired by the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, a prominent Northern Renaissance artist, to lift a curse cast upon a museum’s exhibition. Research of different art pieces was completed and incorporated into the game to make for an informative, yet engaging experience. By introducing art history in an interactive, fun manner, this game hopefully aids the player in understanding the world around them a little bit more.

Traverse through paintings to lift the curse.
Boss fight with the Tree Manby Hieronymus Bosch.