Isha Vashee, "The Menstrual Hygiene Gap"

Isha Vashee is an inquisitive creator captivated by the exploration of medicine within various cultures around the world. She hones in on photoshop skills, paper working, and hands-on crafting to bridge the gap between the medical world and art to illustrate the need for greater focus on women's health in developing nations.

Imagine living in a society in which a regular, monthly menstrual cycle is a source of hardship and hassle. Imagine living in a society in which access to menstrual hygiene is scarce. Imagine living in a society in which a period prevents one from leaving their home. While it may seem outrageous, this is typical for many females in rural areas of developing nations. Not only does this issue cause young women to have to miss school or not attend religious ceremonies, but it can also lead to infections and reproductive struggles in their futures. In my project, "The Menstrual Hygiene Gap," I bring awareness to this deficiency, as well as provide an assessment of the methods currently in use, which range from simple cloth to actual sanitary pads. This awareness is centered around the creation of a series of posters, as well as the fabrication of menstrual method prototypes and demonstrations to depict the varying efficacies of each. My hope is that this project plays a dual purpose: both offering much needed aid to the women facing these obstacles, and educating those who are privileged with regards to access to menstrual products.